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"It's more than our name....it's our goal."

This site was last updated on April 4, 2010.

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We are excited about the new year. We are kidding later this year than most years, but the fun is about to start.

Both of these beautiful does are part of the "Royal Flush". They were bred by Bosque Valley Boer Goats of Hamilton, Texas. These two does stood first and second in their class at the 2007 International Boer Goat Association's National Show in Duncan, Oklahoma. The doe on the right, 2XL Recoil's Katy 30V, was also named the National Reserve Champion Yearling Doe. We appreciate Rena Lynch, Ashley Reeves, David Dale, and Cade Halfmann for their work getting this pair of does prepared and shown.

   Both of these beautiful does are retired from the show ring and working hard in our breeding program. We are excited about the potential that these two does have brought to our breeding program.

    Welcome to the website of 2XL Boer Goats. We hope that you take your time and  enjoy your visit. 2XL is a small Boer goat farm where we strive to produce goats that live up to our name. We are too small to produce goats in "extra large" quantities, instead we try to produce goats with the quality "to excel". We are located in Arp, Texas which is in the eastern part of the state between Tyler and Henderson on State Highway 64.

    2XL Farms started over thirty years ago with registered American Brahman Cattle.  Spanish and Nubian cross goats were kept on the farm as a means of keeping fence rows and undergrowth clean around this cow/calf operation. In 1996 we became interested in Boer goats as a means of improving the meat quality of the kids that we were producing. At that time, Boer bucks were very expensive and completely out of our price range. These kids would only be sold as a by-product of an existing cow/calf operation. That fall we purchased a half blood Boer buck and started breeding him right away. The next kidding season, we were amazed at the kids that he produced with our does. These kids seemed to hit the ground growing. They were thicker at birth and their feed conversion was unbelievable. We were selling weaning kids ready to butcher.

    That summer, we began searching for a fullblood Boer buck. We bought a young buck and started breeding him in the fall. Most of our percentage does are based out of that buck and our Spanish/Nubian cross does. In the years following, we began registering our percentage does.

    In 2000, we realized that we were far more into the goat business than we had ever dreamed of becoming. We had to make a decision of which way we were going to go with 2XL Farm. Were we going to continue in the Brahman business or dedicate all of our time and resources to the goat business? The decision was made, and that year we began planning for our Brahman dispersal. In the Spring of 2002, we loaded one of East Texas's finest small herds of American Brahman cattle onto trailers and hauled them to the Rusk County Exposition Center in Henderson, Texas where we dispersed our cattle.

  After years of breeding registered Boer Goats on one acre, we relocated. We purchased ten acres down the highway from our original place. This is not a large amount of land, but it is ten times more than we had before. We started the process of building fences, pens, barns, and last but not least.... a new house. Notice that the goats' needs were taken care of first. That is just the way things go here at 2XL. We are located in Arp, Texas on State Highway 64 between Tyler and Henderson.

   We hope to use what we have learned in the registered cattle business in the Boer goat business. We learned two important things through the years; quality always outlasts quantity, and business goes where it is invited and stays where it is appreciated. We hope to base our animals on quality and our business on return customers.

     In 2009, we made a conscious decision to downsize our breeding herds drastically. This decision was based on time management and health reasons beyond our control. We have cut our numbers drastically, but kept our high standards. We will use this select set of does in our embryo program to continue producing the outstanding Boer goats that we have become known for.

     Please take your time and visit the "Our Breeding Herd" page. It will show some of the animals from our colored as well as our traditional program. Notice that these animals represent some of the finest genetics available in the Boer breed. We have used genetics from some top goats from proven breeders to build our program.
















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